DME MACs Clarify Proof of Delivery Requirements

On February 12, 2015, the DME MACs released a joint article that discussed the proper format for proof of delivery documentation to support Medicare claims. The joint publication indicated that medical reviewers have consistently seen a list of HCPCS codes and their descriptors used on proof of delivery documentation, especially for orthotic and prosthetic claims.

According to the DME MACs, this practice is not acceptable for proof of delivery purposes as it does not allow the medical reviewer to make a determination of what was billed and if it was coded correctly. The joint DME MAC publication provides the following recommendation for maintaining proper proof of delivery documentation:

“The preferred method is use of a brand name and model number, brand name and serial number or manufacturer name and part number to identify the product. If this type of information is not available for the product, suppliers may use a detailed narrative description of the item; however, it must contain sufficient descriptive information to allow a proper coding determination. This “narrative description” of the item is not the HCPCS code narrative.”

AOPA’s Take on this issue is that this is yet another hurdle to reimbursement for providers who are providing medically necessary O&P care to Medicare beneficiaries. The documentation of HCPCS codes and their complete descriptors has been acceptable for proof of delivery purposes for many years. The sudden change in policy appears to be inconsistent with what is in the Program Integrity Manual and other CMS policy documents. AOPA will be communicating its concern regarding this policy change with the DME MACs and CMS,

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