Super Bowl Inspiration

Super-Bowl-2015As I sat with my family this past Sunday and got ready to watch the Super Bowl with the rest of the world, I had no idea that my favorite highlight would have nothing to do with the game.

Like most viewers, I was excited to watch the action on the field but also looking forward to the creative and always entertaining commercials that receive so much hype leading up to the big game. With advertisers literally spending millions of dollars for 30 seconds of airtime, the most creative minds in the world are tasked with capturing the hearts of the audience for that one brief, shining moment.

This year, two different advertisers chose to use the inspiring stories of amputees as the backdrop for their Super Bowl ads. Microsoft featured young Braylon O’Neill in its ad for advanced analytic technology and Toyota featured Amy Purdy, a double amputee who gained fame on Dancing with the Stars, to showcase it’s newly remodeled Camry sedan.

AOPA’s take on these commercials is that while they were only 30 seconds long, the motivation of both Braylon and Amy to live life to the fullest despite the physical challenges they face shone through and sent an amazing message of inspiration and hope. I sat on the couch and beamed with pride knowing that I work for an industry that does so much for people, often because it is simply the right thing to do.

As folks get frustrated with continued scrutiny and audits by federal and private payers, it is easy to forget why most of you are in the business of O&P. You desire to help people with physical challenges return to a normal life. First and foremost, it is about the patients you serve. That is why I am so proud of what I do and the people I work for.

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