The State of the O&P Union

State of the unionLast night, the President of the United States stood before Congress and presented his annual State of the Union address. Whichever side of the aisle you find yourself on, this annual tradition is an important one. It is one of the few opportunities for the President to address Congress directly regarding issues and challenges that the nation currently faces as well as those that may be coming in the future.

I cannot think of a better time to take a closer look at the state of the O&P union. O&P is facing a very challenging and uncertain future. The reimbursement climate is challenging to say the least as O&P providers deal with increasing audits from multiple directions including DME MAC pre-payment and post-payment reviews, renewed RAC efforts by a national DMEPOS, home health, and hospice RAC contractor, unreasonable delays in Medicare claim appeals (especially at the ALJ level), and the possibility of the implementation of competitive bidding for off the shelf orthoses. At the same time, there is encouragement, as evidenced by the enthusiasm and energy that was recently on display at the AOPA Leadership Conference, held in Palm Beach, Florida from January 9-11, 2015. This conference, in which over 150 O&P industry leaders participated, resulted in the valuable exchange of thoughts and ideas to ensure the future survival and success of the O&P industry.

AOPA’s Take on the state of the O&P union is one of cautious enthusiasm. While the challenges that O&P providers are facing are greater than ever, the enthusiasm and vision that was on display at the AOPA Leadership Conference set the stage for the future success of the O&P industry.  AOPA looks forward to seeing the fruit that will grow from the seeds that were planted during this tremendous event.

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