There’s a New (Old) Sheriff In Town


The long awaited and thoroughly contested national contract to serve as the CMS Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) for Medicare DMEPOS, Home Health, and Hospice claims was awarded on December 30, 2014 to Connolly, LLC. For those of you in Jurisdiction C, Connolly is a familiar name as they held the original RAC contract for all Medicare claims for that region of the country.

While details of the contract award are fairly scarce, it is expected that Connolly will begin to serve its function as the DMEPOS, Home Health, and Hospice RAC auditor in the near future. As AOPA learns more details regarding when Connolly will officially take the reins of this new program we will let you know. In addition, the February 2015 O&P Almanac Reimbursement Page wil focus on the award of the RAC contract and what O&P providers should expect

AOPA’s take on the selection of Connolly, LLC. as the DMEPOS, Home Health and Hospice RAC auditor is somewhat mixed. While there is comfort in familiarity and the fact that Connolly is not new to this process, it is no secret that Connolly was one of the more aggressive RAC auditors who held the previous, regionally based, RAC contracts. AOPA hopes that the focused efforts of the RAC contract on only claims involving DMEPOS, Home Health and Hospice will lead to better trained and organized auditors who will make more sound decisions on their audits than may have occurred in the past.

This is a story that has just begun. AOPA’s Take will follow it closely and provide regular reports on the details as they become available.

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